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    Lisa Valencia Bauer was born in Kansas City, Missouri in 1962.  Having completed cosmetology training in 1982, Lisa became a licensed cosmetologist working at Salon Klaus and Command Performance in Kansas City.  Lisa was also drawn to the physical fitness business working at Gold’s Gym as a fitness trainer and later signed her agreement as a Beauty Consultant (for the first time) for Mary Kay in 1981.  Lisa also found time to work as a Clinique consultant and fragrance representative with YSL at Macy’s.

    Brought to Chesapeake by her first of many husbands, Lisa quickly acclimated herself to the area by working at local Salons and Haynes furniture as a graphic artist in the advertisement department.  While working at Empress Spa as a fitness trainer, Lisa recruited herself back into Mary Kay in 1987.

    Quickly seizing the opportunity in Mary Kay, Lisa overcame many obstacles including being broke, seven months pregnant (Stephanie), and having an unsupportive husband.  Her drive and discipline enabled her to complete Directorship in 1989 (while giving birth to her second daughter, Amanda) and earn her first free Mary Kay car.

   Again, tragedy struck with the loss of her mother and divorce from her husband.   Her Mary Kay community and friends helped her through this trying time – all the while providing for her family as a now single parent.  

    Lisa has been married to Brad since 1992.  Brad currently is on active duty in the United States Navy as a Limited Duty Officer.  In addition to Stephanie and Amanda, Andrew joined the family in 1994. Lisa also has a granddaughter (Kierstyn) who was born in 2007. 

    Lisa’s many interests include competitive Powerlifting, Piyo, Photography, Classical Guitar, and Piano.  In addition to being a licensed Cosmetologist, Lisa has recently earned her instructor certification for Piyo training and is rigorously practicing the Electric Guitar (to try one last time for that big record deal!) 
    Lisa’s career highlights started in 1990 when she became a Senior Director.  Lisa has earned the use of 12 Free Mary Kay Career cars including three Pink Cadillacs (currently driving the 2006 DTS!)  She has also earned 19 carats of Diamonds and has been on the Queen’s Court of Personal Sales an astonishing 13 times, twice finishing in the top 20 in the company (7th and 15th).  Leading by example, Lisa has been a Star Consultant for 75 straight quarters earning beautiful prizes each quarter!  The incredible Rhino unit has achieved the prestigious Half-Million Dollar (or more) status an incredible six consecutive times, twice finishing over $600,000.   

    Working hard and leading by example are Lisa’s trademarks for success.  She strictly follows the Golden Rule of Mary Kay.  Her mission is to help the women in her unit develop as financially independent women and help them reach their potential.  Her mentors include Mary Kay, Rena Tarbet, Sr. NSD, Linda Toupin, NSD, Irmel Boyle-Schultz, NSD (Emeritus), Phyllis Chang, NSD, Pamela Shaw, NSD, Rebbeca Evans, NSD, Pastor and Author, John Maxwell, Motivational Speaker and Author, Jim Rohn, and Billionaire, Donald Trump.